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Qmium Forum Rules

The Qmium Forums is where you can post your ideas, suggestions, report players, etc. However, the forums have a set of rules that we’d like forum users to obey to.

Like on the server, players get offences if they disobey a rule on the forums. If caught rule violating they’ll receive a warning point. These stay on your forum record until you reach 3 points. 3 Warning points will result in a permanent forum ban.

Some rules will not require warning points but you will receive some if you continue to repeat violation.


  • Any ingame rules will apply on the forums.​
  • Do not Necropost / Revive 2+ week old dead threads.​
  • Do not ask when a new update, or new feature will be released, or when it will be done.​
  • Do not advertise servers - Unless if making reference to a feature on said server.​
  • Pointless and/or Incorrect topic threads will either be moved, or deleted​
  • It's prohibited to spam the same thread in multiple subforums - It will result in a forum ban.​
  • Don’t spam mentions (@QuadraticKid) as it notifies the specific user you’re mentioning.​
  • Use Bold, Italics, Underlines, or font size when applicable, replies and topics written in full Bold, Italics, Underlines, or font size will be edited, or deleted.​
  • Refrain from using strong inappropriate language.​
  • Be respectful to others, and others around you.​
  • Don’t unnecessarily post farm.​
  • Don’t double-post, There's an Edit option!​
  • Use Mentions responsibly and not mention every staff on every thread repetitively.​
  • Asking for likes for no reason isn't allowed.​
  • Do not ban evade!​
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